Monday, February 15, 2010


I like op shopping ahha.
I found a crazy bright green satin dress with lovely zipper details.
All the way down the fron and the pockets. i love pockets and ith zips, so muchmore security ahha!
And with my awesome Urban outfitters orange jelly slip ons!

Dress - no label on it ? op shop
Cardigan - Cotton on
Shoes- Urban outfitters new york

and some other nice satin and zips

enjoy lovelies.

xx emily

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Know My Valentine

I love my sean

happy valentine everyone

Canberra...You just gotta search.

 So mum and I had to go to the bank today in town when i realised i still had my camera in my bag so we went into some lovely shops and i took some pics of some lovely things (and i dont think the shop keeps liked me haha)
First went into David Jones and took this photo (above) of a display, my new FAVORITE perfume by Viktor&Rolfe, it smells like sweet jasmine i think. Annnd i'm not sure what brand those boots are but theyre pretty identical to my xmas wishlist ones.

Very pretty Mimcoaccesories, i love the headbands!

I've had a thing for Guess handbags for a long time. My first Bag was for my 18th birthday it was black and grey/silver and I literally wore it to rags ahha. but now i adore the top black one, the chain made it for me (but also im a sucker for anything lovely and purple)

Sass&Bide Chain tee :)

The neklaces stole me, unfortunatley today i had no money so i had to leave with just this picture.

In Peter Alexander just browsing cause the shop itself is so gorgeous. and i love these quilted towl bags in pastel, i own one that is pink...seee

I love my bag (even though my mother thinks its ugly haha ah well)
This is her good sense of fashion, shes trying on a pair of sparkling, peep toe pumps in ZU

She looks hot in them haha.

Canberra doies have some lovely things and shops and this is NOTHING yet, I plan to show you alot more of our nations caption, and its not all politics.


Emily xx

Monday, February 8, 2010

Just gotta remeber this look

Sandals with socks and jeans...sooo lovely.
thankyou Eleonore Bridge

tim burton and the 20's

"Black magic" By Tim Burton fo Hapers Bazaar


US Vogue
(Grace coddington - creative director)


xx emily


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