Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it'd be nice....


It'd be nice to feel innocent
it'd be nice to be have boobs and be thin

it'd be nice to have hot little legs

be nice to feel cute
be nice to jump around in nothing

it would be nice to feel slinky n sexy
it would be nice to be thinner than a pencil

it'd be nice to lifted up
It would be nice to feel free and look the part of freedom

it would be nice to be confident

it'd be nice to fondle and muck around with my boy without fear

it'd be nice to wear no make up and looks pretty

it'd be nice to be effortlessly pretty in daggy clothes

be nice to laugh without fear and suck on a lolly at the same time

be nice to lie down with you watching without fear

it'd be nice to walk around without a care

it'd be nice to bare my legs in a pencil skirt

It'd be nice to feel good enough for once...

but that'll never happen

pvc everywhere

I know i know, theyre kinda tacky ahah.
pvc is generally cheap and tacky and connected to goths skin tight dresses haha (nojudginghere)
i think that the pvc tights are rad as.

and oh so sexy ahaha

heres the gorgeous blonde english bombshell pixie lott rocking the tights

i think theyre saweeet
and im wearing mine right now hehe


I just went to see The Young Victoria with my mother and it was beautiful.
Her love with german prince Albert was breathtaking.
I havn't seen a fabulous love story in a long while.

They were married gorgeously for twenty years before he died in his early 4o's
and every singly day until she died at a very old age she would lie his clothes out
as if he was to get dressed and ready to spend another day with her.
I thought i would only ever have one favorite queen but now she joins Elizabeth I,
shes not as quite up there as queen bess haha but i still adore her more than i did before.

It also made me fall in love with victorian fashion once again.
I don't really like the higher class gowns but the more simple, elegant gowns i prefer,
like travelling gowns and little accesories.