Friday, October 30, 2009

Samhain day

Happy Samhain wiccan lovlies, and happy halloween to all!!!

Today im having a little halloween get together, carved my pumkin, witch cake, bit of green drinking (midori hehe)

then once all the kidding around is over, once the witching hour begins we'll get down to buisness, casting the circle and spending the night as the old pagans did.

love emily

Wednesday, October 28, 2009



I've been listening to this new pop chic on the scene, with an edge thats different to the crappy likes of avril and although she might not be that talented, Kesha or Ke$ha does have damn cool style.

dirty glamour in an alcoholic and kinda slutty way but in the alsolute best sense of the words.
she kinda looks like she'd smell like cigarettes and beer...but she still pulls off a the Sheri Moon look when she played Baby in house of 1000 corpses, which in my opinion is a fuckin awesome look to have and if you can pull that off them youve got me green faced.

fucking brilliant i think. and all her tunes are quite in your face, and i reckon would give confidence to alotta girlies with a crazy edgy side inside them but are to afraid to show it.

yeah well i like her, even though i dont think she'll go to far in the music industry..haha shes still rockin though.

This is her debut sing "Tik Tok" on youtube, checkit out

Emily xx

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Now I know I live in Australia, which isn't halloweens most busy country but for anyone who belives in wiccan and pagan practice knows that where ever you are so is halloween on october 31st (Samhain)
For myself it is one of my most treasured times of year, i love letting the closet goth free and getting all traditional...well traditional and that doesnt mean you cant look lovely doing it...or outright creeeepy! haha
These are just snippets from different runway shows...scarily beautiful.
Love Emily xx

Sunday, October 25, 2009


long time no bloging. my computer fucked up so yeah anyway.
I went to a wedding where my lovely sean was the best man, he looked devine in his suit. as for me my hair was a disaster...yet i had a lovely floral dress, and i never wear floral so it was a nice summery, romantic change.
and hell was it romantic, sean and i danced and it was so lovely being all dressed up together in a romantic enviroment. all in all fantastic weekend.
i wish i had photos but there'll be photos in the same dress at my little faux neices christening this weekend. Little Zoey.
and halloweens coming up which means more fashiopn ideas ahha any excuse really aha