Monday, December 21, 2009

summer dress for family christmas :)

hey peeps and no one.

im leaving for 2 weeks tomorrow to the south coast for xmas and new years
and id really love to be wearing summer dresses and especially a pretty one for christmas day, so this is me just brainstorming. see you all when i return in 2010!!

xx merry christmas and new year friends

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Wishing

Christmas wishlist time!!!
but just before i say what i want and cant have haha, look at my purple sparkly modified fairy dress i made for a friends xmas party on saturday. fun fun.

everything i want is only getable with lots of money hahaha, which i dont have from all my other chrissie comitments, but a girl can dream haha:

Tall black, lace up ankle boots

Purple Nike high tops

Black leather Prada handbag
(oh so simple and oh so beeeeautiful)

Deadly ponies prescious pendants
(goulish and gorgeous)

Tiffany & Co. key pendants.

Prescription sunglasses

....yeah pretty exy stuff ahha ah well, i'll dream on

love xx