Sunday, November 29, 2009

pictures and no words

xoxoxo em

Country hoedown and finally an aussie blog!!


so ive watched hannah montana on disney channel alot and heard her music on the radio and its pretty catchy but i never really got into it cause i figured shes 16, but today when i was volenteering at my local primary school alot of the litle 12 yr old girls were asking me if i liked miley cyrus and i said ah shes okay, i love her country accent and they said cause they thought i dressed like her. So when i got home i looked up all her candids and videos out of curiosity and i dodnt think i dress like her BUT i do like her country tennesse stylin haha.

in aother news i FINALLY found an aussie fashion blogger i was pretty excited, i reckon shes got such a gorgeous simple style that is PERFECT for our australian ways and weather. and when i look at her blog i actually can get those clopthes instead of looking at euro or usa clothes ahha.

xoxooxox emily

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wedge edge + Torn jeans

Whenever a pair of jeans gets old and used and tired, i either think...hmm shorts or ripp 'em up. since i got enough damn shorts my old jeans are getting shredded, in summer i wont be needing full, hot pants, id rather some breezey pants ahhaa.

and ive also been loving wedges lately, so easy to walk in, and they make your look lovely and casual, where as heels arnt as casual...unfortunatley.

my favorite are the pink ones and the first set of purples. so fkking gorgeous!

my ones are more beachy, kinda safari. good enough for me, they
match everything haha.

have a lovely day xx